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Social Media – Should you skip it

Social Media is important for Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of traditional marketing. We live in the age where Internet and technology has revolutionized to such an extent that it has changed the way in which our society socializes and communicates. It has even changed the way any business succeeds. For a business to grow successfully and quickly, it needs to reach a large number of right audiences as soon as possible. This is where social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. come to aid. Everybody lives online and to reach them, social media is a single most important platform.

Social media has become a key source of knowledge and enables the creation of the content value chain. It links the organisations with their distributors and customers. It particularly impacts customer relationship management, customer retention, expansion of client base, market research and public relations.

Most importantly all your competitors are on social media. So if you are not in social media you are not in the race. Needless to say, social media is not something you can skip.

Benefits: There are numerous benefits of the social media:

  • Social media boosts your site’s SEO: Social media helps increasing your website traffic. More shares you have on social media, higher are your website ranking on search engine. Being talked about and mentioned on social media is a positive signal that shows you are popular and have content worth sharing and talking about. It helps you build a brand and increase its visibility.
  • Improves Customer Service: In every business, customer relationship is crucial. If the customer has a query or a complaint, be visible on social media to solve it. Although, it is a one to one conversation, but a large audience will view how you respond to the query. Not answering would seem very unprofessional where as a quick response to your customers’ queries will help you gain their confidence and build a better relationship in real time. A great customer service always echoes.
  • Target audience: All the popular social networking sites have an internal method of search which helps you to target the right audience. Like in LinkedIn, you can look for people from a particular profession, age group, gender etc. Similarly, in Facebook, you can find people with similar interest, location, and connection. Being on social media will help you know more about your customers and their preferences. It will help you target the right audience for your product or service.
  • Expands your Audience: We all have heard and seen the magic of ‘word of mouth’. Social media creates a similar effect. With consistent effort you not only make clients/customers loyal to your brand, but also, when they share your posts or talk about your brand the good word spreads leading to newer clients. Brand is no longer viewed just as business but as a group of people working for a common interest.
  • Feedback: Your clients will be your best critics. Customers play an active role in your business when it comes to social networking sites. They offer suggestions and share their likes and dislikes. Their feedbacks will help you know your shortcomings and will help you improve. Through daily active engagement and social listening, you can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter business decisions.
  • Faster Promotion of Content: You have an upcoming event or a new product to be launched. Social media helps you send your message to all your customers across the globe in the shortest time.
  • Cost effective: Marketing is all about anticipating, creating and managing customer interest in products, services and ideas. Social media marketing uses social media platform and websites to anticipate and meet client’s need but in a much more cost effective way than the traditional advertising.

Why do you need Buildleads?

Undoubtedly, a business social media has enormous power to take the company to newer heights. But if it is not handled carefully it might affect the company negatively. Lacking information, misguiding or posting something offensive may alienate the customers and harm your business. Professional marketing companies like us focus on the right content and align social media strategies accordingly. We create a variety of content by implementing social media images, videos, and info graphics in addition to classic text-based content. Allow us to benefit you from our knowledge of social media to promote your work and connect you to maximum potential customers.




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