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High speed hosting that boosts business revenue

High speed hosting that boosts business revenue

Currently, companies in every business sector need an online presence. Their customer visits the business website to check for its offerings before making a buying decision. The online presence is also used by the customer to develop the business entity’s first impression, brand value, and authenticity. The speed of loading of the website plays a very […]

High-speed hosting is a website hosting server with optimized and enhanced speed. It enables websites to open in under 5 seconds (if the homepage setup is done properly) which is an SEO benchmark. There will be no lag irrespective of the amount of traffic coming to your website.

High Speed Hosting Server is a fully-managed server with no additional cost. All you need to do is buy one of our plans as per your need and leave the rest to us. Your hosting account will be setup within 24 hours and you can start hosting your website(s) in a hassle-free manner.

In a Fully-Managed VPS Server, you are required to pay an additional hefty monthly charge and in our Fully-Managed High-Speed Hosting you will get the same performance and an even better configuration (except root access) at no additional cost. Also, if anything goes wrong, your Hosting Advisor will be there to take care of it.

Our High-Speed Hosting Servers include a high-performance virtual system with either the latest version of Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) OS, Database Server (MySQL, MariaDB, or Windows Datacenter), a feature-rich Plesk Obsidian panel along with this from the Plesk panel you get the privilege to install a plethora of extensions. We also offer Anti-spam for emails, Anti-virus, and a Firewall for Hosting.

All you need to do is just choose one of our packages as per your need, place the order and you are good to go. You need basic hosting knowledge and nothing more.

You can contact us by raising a support ticket, our live chat or email ID. We are just a click away.

No refund is given once the payment is done in case you purchased it by mistake or did not read the list of offering and found something missing. We only entertain a refund request in case of non-availability of the service.

We can help you migrate your website and database at no extra cost. Kindly be very clear about the architecture of your website and the hosting type (Windows or Linux) you are opting for. You will be assigned a Hosting Advisor to help you with the transfer and setup.

We offer backup & recovery at a very nominal cost.

In shared hosting a standard system resource is shared among 100 or more users while in our High-Speed Hosting we only share resources between users in single digits as per the plan. It means that High-Speed Hosting is similar to a Fully Managed VPS Hosting (without the root access only).

You can host any type of project coded in any language. What you need to take care of is the selection between a Windows server and a Linux server. For example, you cannot host an ASP.NET project on a Linux Server as the architecture does not support it but you can host a Php project on a Windows Server. So, be very careful when choosing the type of hosting for your project.

You only need hosting knowledge which includes file uploading, web.config or .htaccess configuration, and database setup knowledge to use our High-Speed Hosting Server. It can easily be done through the Plesk panel. A Hosting Advisor will also assist you in setting up your project if you do not have any coding knowledge free of cost or at a cost depending on the magnitude of your project.

Yes, you can seek assistance from the Hosting Advisor assigned to you in case you hit a roadblock while hosting your project.

We maintain a very strict data security policy and support the Right to Privacy on the Internet. Apart from data sharing which would occur inside your project as per your internal policy, High-Speed Hosting Servers never share your data with any third party.

No, you will not get a dedicated IP in High Speed Hosting plans.

‘Our needs are limitless’ – At any point in time if you cross your allocated resource or you feel that you need more power for your project you can raise an upgrade request with us.

You can manually backup your web application and database but if you choose our data backup and restore add-on then your files are automatically and periodically backed up.

Our servers are located in Germany and we are capable of providing our services to companies accross the globe.

If you surpass your monthly bandwidth then your website might show 5xx errors to visitors. If it happens frequently then you need to upgrade your package and opt for a package with a more powerful configuration.


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