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5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Should Promote Themselves on LinkedIn

5 Reasons Why B2B Companies Should Promote Themselves On LinkedIn

Over the years, the Internet has revolutionized the process of getting information. Today, buyers conduct more pre-sales research. Hence, having an online presence has become mandatory for businesses. To know more about Social media read our previous blog.

LinkedIn is by far, the most important social network to reach out to business buyers and connect with professionals in general. The platforms help connect people from different spheres on a more professional term. From bringing in traffic to bringing in new business, LinkedIn has been doing it all and is the most underrated social platform which with time has to be explored by all the businesses, big or small. It helps drive traffic back to your website and this is one of the major platforms in B2B social media. More than 80% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. If you are still not on LinkedIn the following benefits will compel you to join the LinkedIn race and boost your business growth.

  • Brand Building: LinkedIn impacts the distribution of the product news and information to the media, bloggers, and consumers. Joining groups, and actively participating in them enables you to network with people in your industry, building your brand in the process. LinkedIn offers a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. So, if you want to develop a brand for your business, creating a LinkedIn Company Page is a good start.
  • Generating Leads: Since LinkedIn has specifically intended for businesses and professionals it helps in generating leads like no other social media platform. Users log on to LinkedIn, with a more professional mindset. B2B companies find countless opportunities to promote their business and get leads via LinkedIn because users are already looking for business-specific, industry-related information. The platform now also offers personalized means of identifying new leads, engaging with those potentials, and transforming them into consumers. 80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn, making this platform a tremendous tool for marketers.
  • Projecting the company as a thought leader: The network is fertile ground for thought and practice leaders, aiming to become trusted advisors. Providing high-quality content, improving your personal profile, and participating in LinkedIn communities to answer questions are just a few of the several LinkedIn features that allow you to position yourself as a leader in a particular domain. Leadership and reputation go hand in hand with influence. As the main purpose of LinkedIn is networking, it also enables you to identify and engage other influencers.
  • Industry Research: LinkedIn is not only a social media platform but a useful tool, as well. The network is perfect to expand your horizons, listen to others, and seek out opinions and insights. By following your favorite companies and brands, along with connecting and networking with people, you can quickly stay up to date on your interests and favorite industry research.
  • Networking: Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no filtered feed. When you post an update to your LinkedIn company page, it appears in your followers’ feeds, regardless of how often they have interacted with your posts in the past. By using personal and community group features within LinkedIn, companies and those professionals that represent them all increase their visibility and credibility — as brands and even individuals

Why do you need Buildleads?

LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities and is the ideal resource for B2B marketing, but without the right knowledge, it becomes just another time-consuming social network. Buildleads’ team, with its knowledge of the social media strategies, will help your company move in the right direction and grow on the whole. It will make new connections, attract clients and employees and distribute your valuable content making LinkedIn an invaluable addition to your marketing strategy.

I hope this article has convinced you that LinkedIn is a worthwhile investment for your business.